Looking Back on February

By Issy Goode - 09:07

February was actually a slower month than I expected considering the length of it. I only had one short paper to complete this month and 1 night out that wasn't quite as chaotic as the last, but certainly had its ups and downs!

Here's how I got on:

Raise £150 for Thailand
I actually didn't keep track of how much I managed to raise this month, but my family donated a further £100 in total and I've saved up another £60 in my big blue tub of change, so I think I overshot the mark a bit!

Sell some of my unwanted clothes via ASOS marketplace
It's amazing how much time it takes to photograph and describe all of your clothes for selling, but as you can probably guess I didn't get round to it. I did however manage to put up a book sale, which you can check out here.

Cut down my drinking
Hi I'm Issy and I'm alcoholic. I joke, I never was. I just feel like saying 'cut down my drinking' makes it sound like a real problem and it wasn't really. As I said I've only been out once this month, which is certainly impressive considering my drinking habits last year. Not suffering hangovers is fantastic. Not drinking is now just a preference rather than something I try my hardest to avoid.

Buy a passport
Finally I've made a move with this! My forms are all written up and ready to be sent off very soon, I almost managed to complete something!

Start blogging about fashion
I managed to do one clothing related post which you can view here. But otherwise, the fashion world isn't ready for me. Well, actually, I'm definitely not ready for it. Or are pyjamas an acceptable OOTD, for every day of the week?

Hold a bake sale
I had a change of heart with the bake sale and thought I'd prefer to do one at home with my family, especially my niece and sister who enjoy baking. I may try to do one in March but it's not on my agenda!

Write to all the trusts I found
I've managed to finally do this but technically completed it in March (oops). But at least it's done!

So, once again it was a bit of a mixture of completion and failure, much like my January list. But things are getting done, I'm just taking my time about them!

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  1. Glad you've started sorting your passport out :) Means you're definitely going!! xxx

    1. I've been slowly sorting each a little bit each month, but realised I should probably get a move on now, aha! Of course I'm going :D xxx

  2. I finally have got my forms ready for my passport too (something I have been meaning to do since September)! Let me know the link for the asos market place sale too! Paige xo

    1. I've been meaning to do mine since around then as well, I think it's surprisingly simple too so I don't know why it's taken me so blooming long! Are you headed off on holiday then? I will do! :) xx


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