A is for Ahhh: Thailand Update

By Issy Goode - 18:27

I've cheated a bit for this one, because ahh is simply the relaxed noise (rather than the scared one) that I'm making after a long training session with VESL. Thailand's fast approaching and I've obviously never been a teacher before, so I honestly need all the training I can get!

The day started pretty early with my boyfriend waking me up for the gym at around 6:30am, which I politely refused to partake in due to feeling exhausted from early starts, presentations and a lot of exercise. I had a lie in whilst he went off and then got up and ready for the training session to begin at 11:30. 

All I can say is that I've never learnt so much, taken down such a huge amount of information and received so many bits of paper in the space of 5 and a half hours before in my life! I have a serious headache now and a huge desire to nap, to my dismay I need to get to the gym, but after I shall definitely be putting my (sore) feet up! 

For those of you who don't know (how have you not heard?!) what I'm on about when I say Thailand, VESL and training, I'm talking about the volunteering I'll be doing over summer in Northern Thailand with a lovely bunch of volunteers. The charity, VESL, who I'm going with help to give children in Thailand, Sri Lanka and India the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the English language and learn more from native English speakers. And I'm excited to be one! 

I've been fundraising for a few months now, but the bulk of my fundraising shall be done this month, during the Easter holidays! So if you're down in Cornwall, keep an eye out for me doing cake sales and car boots, with a big sign saying 'Help get me to Thailand'! If you'd like to know more about my fundraising, click here.

For know, it is the time to sit back and say 'ahhhh' with a cup of tea and some Don't Tell the Bride...the gym can wait!


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