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By Issy Goode - 17:12

Well, how could it not be?

So Game of Thrones is back on our screens now and aren't we all breathing a sigh of relief? I watched Game of Thrones in a big block rather then back when it was first aired, and I'm glad I did, because the wait didn't seem quite so painful for me as it did for so many others.

This is going to be a personal opinion of the characters I love and hate and my favourite and most heartbreaking moments during the three seasons that have been and gone, though I'm thinking they may well be replaced with what looks like a seriously epic season 4.

My favourite moments:

Any moment Arya does something badass or the Hound does something heart warming (in his own special way)

When Talisa tells Robb she's pregnant

Podrick's moment to shine

Daenerys' 'dracarys' command

My favourite characters:

With there being so many characters and no certainty of a long life for them, you can't simply have one:
He's liked by many from what I've heard, and it's because he's impressively intelligent, thoughtful and wise and in all honesty I'm kind of rooting for him to over throw Joffrey - though I know that won't happen. He's extremely witty and because the rest of his pretty awful family seem to hate him, you like him more. Whilst he's proud to be a Lannister he's a different kind of Lannister, certainly a more decent one. Except for all the prostitutes in his past, but a man can have fun I suppose!
They've portrayed her as a girl with definite potential. Everyone thinks she's long dead but I'm sure some day Sansa and her sister shall be reunited, but for now we know that she's working her way up to avenging her father and the rest of her family - and with the Hound as her partner in crime, you just know she's only going to get cooler.

The guy started off in a bad light, but saving both the Stark girls along the way and basically putting his middle finger up to Joffrey makes you appreciate his character, and truly come to like his sarcasm and love for violence. The already established good guy helps Arya on her way and you just know he's intent on protecting her. And whilst he plans to get money from her aunt for her safe keeping, you know he cares about her too.
I've loved Jorah from the beginning and almost wish Daenarys would just be like 'be my hubby' because he's just great. Is it wrong that I kind of fancy him too? It's his voice, voices get me.
Jon Snow
He's definitely had a hard life but come out a very well rounded character. I had a minor panic during his scuffle with the wildlings, but I quickly realised that he wasn't ready to be killed off, and then off he rode, pretty badly injured, back to the nights watch. I'm interested to see what Jon's character gets up to this season, having lost his lover and got away with a death sentence. I really hope that he meets up with at least one of his Stark sisters or brothers this season or sometime soon, because I think as a family they've definitely had it the worst. 

Past characters that I loved (I still love you in death I swear):

Khal Drogo
It's not just his god-like physique that I enjoyed on my screen but I really liked Drogo's character, especially the way he looked after Khaleesi. If you had a big strong man like Khal on your arm you know you'd always be protected. Except against infected wounds, they'll get cha.

*dribble* - Robb made some stupid decisions and in my opinion wasn't made to be a king, so in some ways it was probably best he was stopped. He was a loveable character and certainly stepped up to the plate. I think his poor decision making stemmed from his silly mother (and lovely of course but she had a right temper that controlled her sometimes drastic decisions). He was definitely a fool for winding up Lord Frey, but then again him and Talisa made an adorable couple, and I was so routing for a baby Robb Stark, they would have made such beautiful babies. 

The character I hate:

Isn't this obvious? Urgh Joffrey

Need I say more?

The dead one I hate:
He was a right arse. I hated he voice, his attitude and the way he treated his sister. His death was brutal but pretty well deserved. He was far too big for his boots, and also too jealous of his sister. He would have never have made it as far as Daenerys has in my opinion, and would have made a pretty horrible king - quite similar to Joffrey I believe. 

The most tear jerking moment: 

Oh God I don't know if I can say all know where I'm going with this...
Honestly though it wasn't simply tear jerking, it was jaw dropping, just why?! I sat in shock during the moment it all went down, jaw gaping for the prolonged minutes of slaughter. Robb was so unaware of everything that was about to happen and the moment him and Talisa...oh God I can't go on...*sobs*

The character that maybe I shouldn't like but I do:

Despite what he did to Bran, I don't hate him. I definitely used to and thought he was a horrible character but the moment where he's in the bath with Brienne and pours his heart out (as much as a Lannister can) just made me realise he wasn't the ass I, and many others, thought he was.

The moments I'm still asking questions about:

What happened to Edmure Tully?

He was pitted as the one to mock from the Tully family and signed up to marry what he thought would be a very unattractive Frey girl, but to his surprise, and in true Game of Thrones fashion, he bagged himself a hottie. Whilst I do have some idea that he'll be making a return (because how can he not?) I'm still curious to know what role he'll play and whose side he shall be on.

When will we next see Rickon?

When I started watching the series I wasn't really that aware of Rickon's existence considering he was so young and played such a small role, but of course as the Stark land fell and the boys escaped I realised his character had potential. Although I think due to his age it's going to take until about series 10 for him to arise as a strapping young man ready to avenge his family. We'll have to see if he'll reappear! 

And finally, who I think should be on the throne:

I think this is a tough one because there's potential in a few characters, but I think either Arya or Daenerys should be sat upon the thrown. Arya would make a pretty cool queen, but she of course lacks skill of her own and oh, yeah, a whole entire army, something that Daenerys has got under wraps. Daenerys has got her dragons and a very loyal army, but there's something that tells me she won't make it to the throne, perhaps because she seems like such a likely and deserving character. And when has Game of Thrones ever reached a happy ending?

So there you have it! My views on my favourite programme, Game of Thrones. Who do you think should be on the throne and what were your favourite and most heartbreaking moments?


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  1. I love Game of Thrones, but have only got through the first season. I watched that on a long weekend, I'm just waiting for the next long weekend to catch up.

    1. Ahh I hope I haven't spoiled anything for you! Terribly sorry if I have! That sounds like a perfect weekend :)

  2. If you haven't read the books I would highly recommend them. The series is amazing but there's no possible way they can ever fit it all in. 10 hours per series isn't enough to cover 800(ish) pages per book. They're so good!

    1. I've seriously been meaning to but I study literature and have so many books to read a week I tend not to get the chance from some relaxing reading, but definitely plan to!

  3. Robb.. Oh Robb.. *cries forever*

    1. Don't get me started! The one character I'll always miss :(


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