I is for Inspiration

By Issy Goode - 22:20

If there's something I don't talk about enough on my blog it's who or what inspired me to do the things I do in my life, whether it be blogging or university, and I thought it was about time to.

Who inspired me to start blogging?
My sister had been blogging for quite a little while before I started and she kept telling me how great it was and how much she loved the community. In the end I thought I'd give it a go. My blogging has been dropped on occasions due to laziness or lack of inspiration for posts, because student life isn't always as interesting as it may seem, but the community that comes with blogging always inspires me to keep it up.

Who inspired me to go to university?
During my college years I became really stressed and pressured about the decisions of whether or not to come to university. I shed many tears over it, searched endless other options and always found myself back at square one, no idea what to do. My college tutor really helped me make my mind up, without putting pressure on me. Part of me went to university because I didn't know what else to do, because it was what my boyfriend at the time was doing, and what everyone seemed to expect me to do. And whilst I ultimately made the decision myself, I'd say my ex boyfriend's mum played a huge role in inspiring me to go to uni. She'd missed the chance to experience it herself at a young age and assured me it was something I wouldn't want to miss out on, and I feel happy with the decision I made.

Who inspired me to join the gym?
In many ways I would say I inspired myself, because I've always been fighting an internal battle with my mind about my body image, and with a gym just around the corner I thought it was time to stop arguing with my mind that told me I was healthy, but then told me I was fat and just be happy and get to work. My friends all seemed keen to join too and that helped.

And what inspires me to keep going?
Letting go of the battle. I realised when I decided to be happy about how I looked I felt more inspired to target the areas that could do with a little work. I stopped feeling so negative about my body and realised complaining does nothing. My boyfriend also inspires me to keep going, he has such motivation and it makes me feel motivated too. As soon as I started to notice my body getting stronger, my legs being able to take me an extra mile or my body holding out for another set, I felt motivated to push myself harder. If I ever need inspiration or motivation to keep things up at the gym or with my home workouts, I turn to the fitblr community.

Who inspired me to volunteer?
My friend Fia did the same project as I'm heading off to do last year and before she even went away I felt I wanted to look into it. Reading about VESL's past projects and the charities aims certainly inspired me to be a part of it and most importantly be a part of a child's education, so I would say my biggest inspiration was the success of previous volunteers with VESL, but I definitely had to talk myself into it a few times!


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