A May of Daily Productivity

By Issy Goode - 19:58

Happy end of April! I hope everyone has had a fabulous Easter, personally as wonderful as it has been, this month long holiday has dragged on a bit and I can't wait to get back to uni for the month of May, to get back into the gym and to hand in my final essays of my second year! 

During this holiday I've felt really sluggish, and lost motivation towards everything. My work is a struggle because I simply cannot be bothered to do it, and my exercise and training for the 10K has seriously gone down hill, though I hope I can still manage to complete it! So, as of tomorrow (I know how we should always start today instead of saying tomorrow but today is a day of getting organised!) I'm challenging myself to do something productive every single day. 

To many this may not sound like a challenge at all, but when I really analyse my days, especially those since I've been back in Cornwall, I've come to notice that I don't always do much that I can be proud of. Student life has also caused most of my days to be spent on Netflix, which seems rather fabulous at the time, but come midnight you realise you've achieved absolutely nothing. 

So, this challenge is hopefully going to push me to do something with my days! I'm going to record the one thing each day that I'm most proud of, whether it be managing 1000 words of an essay, completing a 5k in my new best time or giving something to charity; anything in my day that I can celebrate is a day made successful and productive! Perhaps not every day will be something big but hopefully every day I'll achieve something worthwhile. 

I hope doing this personal challenge will give me the kick up the bum I so desperately need right now. Since deciding to no longer volunteer abroad I have nothing to focus on or work towards as such, so instead I've decided to simply focus on improving myself. And the improvements I need concern my education, my motivation and my overall self, so here goes. 

Good luck during May and let me know if you've got any of your own challenges planned or goals to achieve!

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