Catch Me If You Can

By Issy Goode - 20:53

Having been away for 3 months and only spending three weeks back down in Cornwall I've been pretty awful at finding a balance between doing work (basically that means I haven't done any), earning money (that's pretty much all I have done but the £400+ I've earned is something I'm very happy to go back to Keele with) and seeing family and friends. So my friends in particular have been having to catch me if they can - unfortunately I haven't seen them all half as much as I wanted to.

Christmas is obviously mainly a time you spend with family, and with my Mum and Dad both having Christmas off, I've seen them everyday. I've got the chance to catch up with my brother, whom I didn't often see when I lived here all the time anyway, we call him the shadow. I don't really feel like I've even seen enough of my sister and her family, which is a real shame. 

Living in a Cornwall means that it's a bit of a pain in the ass to get around and see everyone if you don't drive or don't have a willing chauffeur (fancy a job Mum?) and since I no longer have a beloved college bus pass that let me on to any bus to any where in Cornwall for free (well £300 a year, but it was so worth it) I haven't exactly been willing to leave the house, after all a return trip to Penzance - which is a 45 minute bus ride - cost me £7 earlier.

Aside from working, it's been a pretty lazy three weeks and I really need to get back to Keele now, because I know I'll actually do a little more work up there then the nothing I do down here - fingers crossed anyway!

And may I also just say a welcome to 2013!

I've seen people posting all their New Years Resolutions and saying 'new year, new me', which I can honestly say I completely despise. Someone also posted on twitter the other day 'I respect people who make new years resolutions, it shows that they're motivated to change their life'. I couldn't disagree more, though a person who's motivated to change their life wouldn't wait until the new year!

Rant over about that...I hope all my readers had a lovely Christmas and celebrated the new year in style. I myself stayed in with a friend eating Chinese and we were in bed by half twelve - how rubbish are we?

I hope this year is equally or more so wonderful than 2012 for each and everyone of you!

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