Motivation V Procrastination

By Issy Goode - 13:47

It's that time of year when everyone's got exams and a large majority of us are not 100% prepared for them. Christmas isn't the best of times to revise - or the best of times to do anything besides eat, drink and get merry with your family and friends.

I handed in the only essay I had left to do yesterday, and right now I'm cramming (sort of) for my exam at 4 o'clock. I'm not totally prepared for it if I'm honest (or at all prepared). I mentioned in my post 50 Things About Me that I was far too relaxed when it came to exams, so this is me, relaxing rather than panicking. I'm not helping myself by spending my days procrastinating, watching repeats of TV programmes and listening to music all day long.

This exam is a seen one - so no one understands how us English students are unprepared and are not having a wonderfully easy time - in my case it's simply because I've been lazy. I should have started revising long ago for it, but I left it quite last minute and to be honest, all that was on my mind was getting back and seeing my uni friends and having a good holiday catch up.

I best get back to my last hour or so of cramming (how much can my short term memory really hold?!) so, good luck to anyone who has exams today and next week! I know I need all the luck I get!

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