Reasons To Be Cheerful

By Issy Goode - 13:37

My sister reminded me to post this due to her lateness, but like she said better late than never! So here's last week's reasons to be cheerful:

Firstly, I've finished all my work! My essay was done and handed in on Thursday and my exam was out of the way by Friday evening! I was pretty pleased with my essay and the exam didn't go too bad either! This of course has made me blissfully happy, I have a week off before semester two commences and I shall be wallowing in the relaxation!

Almost everyone's back in the block! It was nice being back last week but now almost everyone's here it's even better - one more person to arrive then M block is complete!

My alcohol is stocked up for refreshers week! Me and two of my friends went yesterday to finish off our stocks and spent a whopping £130 all together! It's awful that the only thing in our trolley that wasn't an alcoholic or fizzy beverage was a £1 pack of straws and three packets of skittles. But it's nice to know (hope) that we won't have to go on any more 'booze runs' during and hopefully a little while after refreshers week!

That leads me to another R2BC...refreshers week! It all begins this Friday with an End of Exams Party followed by the Headphone Disco on Saturday, both of which will be brilliant! It'll be nice to get to the SU again and have a good night out with all my friends.

And lastly...I went out for a drink on Saturday evening with a rather lovely person I met last semester...which made the end of my week very cheerful indeed!

I hope everyone else had a brilliant week last week too! If you're happy to be just as fashionably late as my sister and I then link up below and join in with Mummy From the Heart's R2BC!

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  1. Great reasons Is! And fashionably late as ever ;) xxx


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