Reasons to be Cheerful

By Issy Goode - 14:22

It's that time of the week again when Mummy From the Heart links us all up to divulge our reasons to be cheerful!

First things first; we have a house!
I'm pretty excited about this, obviously because it means we're not going to be homeless next year! The house is so qwerky, we have a front and back garden - both of which aren't huge but are a nice size, and also plenty of car parking spaces. There's 6 bedrooms, one with a kitchenette, and one with an en suite. The kitchenette room is seriously an odd one...who has a kitchen in their bedroom? There is only person who wants this room and we are more than obliged to give it to him, as he never stops eating. There is also a cute little front room, a lovely kitchen and utility room with a washing machine and a dryer. It's £75/week, gas, water and internet included, all we have to pay extra for is electricity and our TV licence. It's around a 10 minute walk from the Newcastle-under-Lyme town centre, and if you walk a certain way you come out right at the bottom of Wetherspoon's...which leads me to my second R2BC...

...I found Rattler. We've been paying very many visits to Wetherspoon's lately and on Monday - Sara's birthday - we went for lunch and this is when we made the wonderful discovery. I can't describe how excited we were to find Rattler - if you have no idea what I'm talking about by Rattler and are just thinking how simple minded we must be to find a child's toy quite so exciting, I shall now explain what this glorious thing is. In true student style, it's an alcoholic beverage. Cornish Cider to be specific. I despise cider, besides Cornish Rattler. I recommend you try it. We even left a thank you note to Wetherspoon's for serving it...that's how ecstatic we were. I should probably also explain why this is such a momentous discovery - Rattler isn't sold in any supermarkets - supposedly - beyond Bath, and I've checked around in a few in my surrounding area and sure enough, there's none to be found. Hence why Sara and I probably terrified the barman with our excitement.

My next R2BC is certainly a strange one, but I've finally found some motivation. I haven't as of yet really dived into this second semester, except today. I woke up knackered, but surprisingly excited to get to my lecture - this is a truly rare occasion. In my lecture I made several pages of notes, paid full attention throughout the entirety of it and then headed to the post room and got excited about the arrival of some new books. I feel like I'm developing a completely different mindset towards my degree now, last semester it was all drinking and making new friends, less focus on the course because of course 'it's only the first year', but I finally, and gladly, feel like my attitude is changing, or my liver has been having some serious conversations with my brain.

And finally...let the sun shine! The snow has all finally melted - as beautiful as it looked it really was not the easiest to treck through. And now Keele is looking glorious with sunshine...except right now as it's gone dull again. Okay, so it comes and goes, but weather improvements are on the horizon, I'm sure of it! Although, the wind here at this current moment in time would be enough to sweep my 5 year old niece right off her feet.

So there it is, my reasons to be cheerful for the week!

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  1. Congratulations of finding a house, it sounds fab! Rattler sounds yummy :-)

    1. Thank you! So please I can finally be free of that stress! It really is, give it a try! (:

  2. congrats on the house - whoopy doo - and thanks for stopping by my blog. you write well on your blog x

    1. Really pleased with it! No problem, thank you also :) Thank you! As do you (: x

  3. Congrats on finding a house! Hope you're having a lovely weekend xx


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