We're Finally Refreshed...

By Issy Goode - 19:18

...just a shame we don't feel too refreshing after a week of drinking.

We've reached the end of Keele Refreshers week and it went off with a bang! Bond style! Friday was a brilliant night, everyone came dressed up in their Black Tie attire, I've never seen the SU so sophisticated! We had an Aston Martin DB9 parked up in the outback, directed to by a long red carpet with James Bond stood beside it...I joke, but Max Ryder is a pretty good look a like! And a very nice guy! There was also a casino set up in K2 which I unfortunately never managed to go and see.

Three of us started off the night earlier then most with a cheeky trip to Wetherspoons in Hanley after last minute dress shopping - because I'm a very un-organised girl! I managed to get a mixi black strapless jewelled dress, 4 and a half inch heels, 3 rings, some bangles and a new bag all for just over £60! We then headed for a beer and a burger, with two pitchers as well and it's safe to say mine and Sara's heads were spinning just a tad by the time we got in the taxi back to Hawthorns. Lightweights!

The snow was awful! We had intended to head to the SU early, but getting a taxi was a ridiculous hassle. At one point I was worried we wouldn't even get there...that's when we decided to walk in the deep (deep in comparison to what I'm used to) snow. Me and Faye were sensible and took flat shoes, those 4 and a half inch heels wouldn't have got me through it safely! Sara on the other hand wasn't so smart! We managed not to fall over too much and got to the SU safely in time to get some photo's taken by MGThompson Photography - even if my hair was plastered to my face by the snow, and I'd failed the sophisticated look.

I managed to out do myself on the bruises front! I've got a bruise on my thigh 8 inches across and 2 and a half inches down, and the story as to how I got it, is a cracker. Whilst having a conversation about martial arts with one of the bouncers, Faye and I decided to announce that I was a Black Belt in Karate (which is true) and that Faye was a Brown Belt in Kickboxing (also true), he immediately wavered this and said we were too tiny for such achievements. Challenge accepted. I told him how I could kick 6 foot, bad move! 'Prove it?' The floor in the SU was soaking wet from spilt drinks and snowy footprints, I was still in 4 and a half inch heels, neither of which stopped me. I got my leg up impressively high, and slipped, flew in the air, landed on my thigh, laughed out loud and managed to be too drunk to find this remotely embarrassing! The bouncer was extremely apologetic and I went for a much earned lie down on the sofa! I think he's learnt his lesson though, and he shall never be in disbelief when a small girl tells him she's trained in the martial arts.

It wasn't until the morning when I truly felt the pain from this and the big black bruise got shown off all around the block.

The whole entire night was brilliant though! We had a good dance, lots of drinks, we looked sophisticated for a short amount of time, and all made it home safely - though we once again had to walk back, this time fuelled by tea and toast from Keele Chapel! I managed to lose my phone and Keele card (which also happens to be the key into my block) but also got called by security yesterday morning delighted to hear they'd been found...in the snow...after it had all melted...it's safe to say there's a bit of water in my phone. The joys of losing things when one is drunk!

I've had a great time this entire week and everything in my life couldn't be more perfect! Thank you to all my friends for making this week brilliant and blurry! Let the real work commence! After Sara's 19th birthday this evening of course...

If you want to check out the James Bond photo's from Friday night head this way! They're pretty awesome!

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