A New Part of Me

By Issy Goode - 16:57

I let you all know one of my reasons to be cheerful on Thursday was because I was awaiting my first tattoo, and here it is:
It only took about an hour and cost me £45, and I absolutely love it. People keep saying 'now you've got one you're going to want loads more...' It's true, I can't wait to get my next one. It wasn't remotely painful, and if that's what you're nervous of, don't be, I could barely take having my ears pierced and was actually pretty relaxed whilst having my tattoo done. 

That's not the only thing making me very cheerful of course, I'm also off to Keele tomorrow at 4am! I've only had three weeks back in Cornwall, and I have really enjoyed being back, but in the 3 months I've already spent at Keele I can't help but call it home. I didn't do as much, or see everyone as much as I had hoped to this holiday but it's hard to juggle everything in one, so I'll have to try harder in Easter and Summer!

I've got another 12+ hour journey to look forward to, and all I ask is that no exceedingly strange people sit next to me and I can sit on a bus for 6 and a half hours in silence. Is that too much to ask? Most likely. 

Work wise, I've finally got somewhere, even if I am just 826/2000 words in. But it's a start...that by this point should really be the finish. My exam is on Friday and hopefully with the week back in Keele I'll be able to get on with some revision and be fully prepared for it. 

After a week of revision, I can spend a week of freedom preparing for a wonderful week at refreshers, including a headphone disco and a James Bond themed refreshers ball - all swanky with a Black Tie dress code!

Good luck to everyone who's sitting their exams soon and getting final essays in! And enjoy being back at uni and if you're a first year like me, enjoy your second ever semester! 

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