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By Issy Goode - 15:49

E is for Essays

Whilst I'm back from university, it doesn't mean the work is all finished. I've done my short papers and one presentation, and now I have four essays of 2000 words to get started on.
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I do really love writing essays, but I also love the last minute stress. I find it genuinely hard to start something early, it's not that I'm lazy (though I am a bit) but I can sit down, with my books, my laptop, ready to start an essay but I find that I physically cannot start it. Then two days before it's due, I'll be all over that essay like a swarm of bees. Does any one else find they work better under pressure?

The best thing about finishing an essay is when you have so many tabs open on your laptop or so many books open up on random pages all an aid to help you with your essay, and once you've handed that essay in, you get the release of slamming shut the books and closing all those tabs! And relax.

But for me, I've got to start the essays first to feel that wonderful moment. My plan is to really try my hardest to start these essays earlier than usual, with four 2000 word essays all due in around the same time, there is no chance I can leave these to the last minute!

Though, my schedule is becoming busier with my boss squeezing as many shifts as he can out of me, finding time to catch up with every one, spend time with my sister, modelling on some photography projects with my friend Rosie to help her out with her college work and etc etc etc...I swear I'll get round to those essays!

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  1. I totally am a last minute, works well under pressure girl. I am trying to do better at it though and not wait until close to the deadline because with three kids life likes to throw a wrench in things making the time at the end suddenly disappear.

    1. It's tough not to be! I can imagine it can be really hard to do things last minute with the kids about, anything can happen and make your last minutes a lot less than you initially thought!

  2. I'm kind of doing the same for my A-Z posts... Not a very good idea since my blog is usually bilingual and I'm trying to keep it up during the challenge as well making an illustration for each post.

    I completely agree with you about the satisfaction of finishing something and suddenly regaining one's space! Good luck with the essays!


    1. Ooh really! I'll definitely have a read, hope it's going well!

      It is a lovely feeling! Thank you!


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