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By Issy Goode - 12:51

O is for Optimism

Optimism is something I've always had a little trouble with. I've always claimed to be an oh so knowledgeable 'realist' when in fact, I often pass my pessimism off as realistic beliefs.

To things such as relationships, injuries, heartbreak, failure, I've always said 'when' rather than 'if'. In relationships I always say 'when' we break up; when I hear that back in my head I realise how horrible it must sound to them. How it must sound like I have such little faith in our relationship, it's not that I don't believe in my relationships, it's almost my way of saying I'm predicting I'll get hurt - I suppose it's the last little guard I have up.

I've always found people who are optimistic quite fascinating, that sounds strange, but in my head to be 'realistic' is to avoid disappointment, and optimism is a way to guarantee it. But I think in some situations realism really doesn't exist, you can't predict the future and that's almost what I'm attempting to do when I say, 'well, when I fail this essay...'. My pessimism also makes me not try as hard as I could, not put all I am into my work, even my relationships, all in aid to avoid disappointment and hurt. Which, now I'm a bit older I can see is quite a sad thing, I don't do as well in things because I assume I won't, I don't let my guard down entirely, because I think it'll end in hurt.
I think it's about time I started looking on the bright side of life, to start believing in myself, to not predict when my relationship is going to end - yeah I even go as far to do that on occasions - but to now see every glass as half full, and fill it to the top with positive thoughts about myself and everything I do.

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  1. To my great surprise in my older years I have found out it isn't something you were born with but rather something you choose!! Go for it is what I say...Happy A-Z challenge

    1. Thanks for the advice! I have often thought some people were just born with a good out look, but often it's their life experiences that cause them to take which ever approach they chose!

      You too!

  2. It took me quite some time to really learn and choose (agree with first comment) to be optimistic. It's just too draining to be negative!

    1. I agree, I've become a bit fed up of all this negativity! Best to move to the bright side!

  3. The bright side is good! I prefer the word 'realist' and i'm afraid i'll always stand by that! xxx


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