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By Issy Goode - 20:10

X is for X marks the spot

X is the hardest letter I've come across during this challenge, hence why I'm a little late posting.

I've seen X's a lot in my life, whether it's a cross through some rubbish work, my niece burying 'treasure' at the beach, an ex or even those lovely little virtual kisses. Though it's a hard letter to blog about, it's actually been around a lot in my life.

X's on my work, crossed over areas where I babble and X when I get an incorrect answer or when I make a mistake - all these 'X's' I view positively rather than taking them as a negative mark. These X's mark spots for improvement, I always know I can do better. Obviously a tick would brighten my day but we learn from our mistakes and without the abundance of X's I've witnessed slashed through my work, I wouldn't be at degree level now.

I always get bemused by why X marks the spot of treasure, we see it in all the pirate and adventure films and copy it. We know where our treasure is hidden if it's marked. To my niece, the treasure is usually a bit of seaweed and a rock - ah so easily pleased! If only all lives treasures could be so easily recognised. 

I think the letter X has got negative connotations too due simply to the fact that when I hear the letter X I think of 'ex's'. Not that all break-ups are a negative thing; my last break-up, I know, was best for both of us and I know he prefers not to be referred to as an ex. Most people have ex's and ex's demonstrate part of your past, your good or bad decisions, for me it definitely sums up my youth - I went from many 2-3 month relationships to growing up and committing to one for two and a half years and now happily moved on with a lovely new man.

And now I shall leave my readers with some lovely virtual kisses:

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  1. This is great! I read so many posts with people not knowing what to blog about and on you come with some 20 ideas right there!
    Very creative

    1. Thank you! I had to really rack my brain though!

  2. Your X post is great. X was a hard one!
    A to Z'd to the end
    Peanut Butter and Whine

    1. Thank you! I found it pretty tough to be honest, couldn't let it beat me though!

  3. This post is by far the best post i've seen for this letter Is. SO well written and readable. Well done for reaching the end xxxx

    1. Thank you hun! It was bloomin' hard to think of something though! xxxx


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