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By Issy Goode - 22:42

W is for William

William, better known as Bill, is my older brother. He's 21, a graduate who lives in Cornwall and is in a relationship with his very lovely girlfriend Rosie.

Growing up, I spent more time with my brother than my sister (you may know from previous posts that she was a bit of a grump when a teenager). We were pretty imaginative kids and came up with all sorts of games. We loved action films and out takes, Jackie Chan and video games. I looked up to my brother quite a lot when I was younger (being three years apart) and still do.

He's a sarcastic, blunt and honest kind of guy. Everything to him is 'alright', which personally I never understood but nonetheless, he's rarely disappointed. The best description I could give of him is that he's a pretty cool guy - a description he'd respect I'm sure.

Growing up, we used to play fight, egged on by my dad who always said 'Issy could beat you up Bill' (being the karate kid I was) and this always meant a challenge was created. The play fights never ended well for myself, but we always had a laugh.

I don't see that much of my brother since going to university, but when I do, I always enjoy the quick catch up. He's a truly great guy and a brilliant brother.

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  1. What a beautiful and heart felt tribute to your brother. That speaks volumes about what you, yourself are like. A very nice person!!!
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  2. So cute! I always wanted to have a brother. It´s really nice to see that you two are very close!

    1. Thank you! Brothers are great, though I always wanted a younger one :P xx

  3. I don't have any siblings and big brother posts always make me envious. He sounds wonderful, and he's lucky to have you!

    1. I don't know if I'd enjoy being an only child! I can undeerstand the envy you have, siblings are great (: Thank you!


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