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By Issy Goode - 14:59

R is for Retail therapy 
I wouldn't say I actually need retail therapy - I'm happier than ever and everything's going quite perfectly (bar those essays that need to be worked on) but I thought the fact I got paid after 3 weeks of work back at Sainsbury's meant it was time to spoil myself! I never ever really going on shopping 'sprees', I buy a few items a year, normally decide I don't suit them and never wear them again. My wardrobe consists of black skinny jeans and shirts - these shirts were bought between the ages of 14 and 18, all still fit, all still worn, and some even belong to my ex boyfriend, he didn't take long to out grow them so passed them onto me (oh gosh I'm one of those women on How to Look Good Naked that wears her partners clothes and looks silly).

So my wardrobe needed some TLC, and here's a little look at what I decided to buy:

1. Hannah Roll Back Crop Tee - This was my wild card item, it was only £8 and there's something I like about it, but we'll see if it gets returned or not!

2. Annabelle Roll Back Sleeve Jersey T-Shirt - I have a real thing for cobalt (if you hadn't guessed by the other two cobalt items below) and jersey tees are always simple and can go with anything.

3. Harper Georgette & Lace Sleeve Fitted Blouse - This is by far the favourite thing I bought in my boohoo haul! I love blouses and love the detailing on this!

4. Marcella Skater Skirt - I'm always weary of buying skirts, I have a tiny waist and quite big hips so some skirts can just accentuation my hips far too much, but I love this skirt too much to not just go for it and hope it looks nice!

5. Kate Scuba Box Pleat Skater Skirt - Once again, this was a bit of a wild card, I love box pleats, but not necessarily on me, but it's always worth a try! 

6. Sonya Sleeveless Stud Collar Woven Blouse - It was once again the colour that drew me too this! And I love the stud detailing on the collar! 

And after spending almost £70, I feel quite happy with my purchases and more than happy to for once spoil myself with clothes! (My wardrobe really needs this make over)

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  1. Retail therapy is the best, whether we need it or not:) Cute outfits!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Corkerly! I absolutely love it (: x

  3. How do you only shop a few times a year?! i can't help myself from going into stores, you have some will power. but yay for indulging in some retail therapy! those are some lovely picks- don't abandon them and never wear them again this time ;)

    xo Marlen
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    1. Regrettably! Thank you, fingers crossed these will stick around!



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