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By Issy Goode - 09:11

P is for Parents

Next week, I'm going up to stay with my boyfriend Matt and will also be meeting his Mum, Dad and sister for the first time. So it's almost time for the old 'meet the parents' moment, hopefully his Dad isn't like Jack Byrnes from the memorable comedy, as I don't think I'd be laughing as much if it were me!

In my time - only 19 years - I've met a lot of parents, both friends and boyfriend's parents. Parents often love me (I like to think), I'm polite and friendly. I clean up after myself, I like thanking people for everything they do and I like to actually spend time around their families rather than hide away in their room.

But boyfriend's parents are always tough. I've had my fair share of silly little relationships and some more serious ones, but I always seem to meet the parents no matter what. Some parents were actually interested in their son's girlfriend, some didn't even know who I was (this tends to be the guys fault). I've been out with various guys; skaters, musicians, the sporty type, chavs (to my dismay), lads, a guy who's a bit of everything (music, surfing, skateboarding, sporty) and currently, Matt, who is a photographer and studying a Masters degree in International Business. So, I've had my mixture of boyfriends and therefore a mixture of parents.

Meeting the parents always racks my nerves. I always worry about making a good impression and I have in the past made bad ones - but alas I was young and foolish. With my last ex boyfriend I became quite close with his family and still like to see them, and hopefully my relationship with Matt's family will be just as good or better!

What was it like when you first met your partners parents?

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  1. Best of luck to you, I know it can be a little scary, but I'm sure they will love you!

  2. I met my future mother-in-law in a mental asylum (no, really). One of the 'inmates' hurled a terracotta plant pot at us, but luckily it missed.

    I'm sure that won't happen to you!

    1. Oh goodness! I really shouldn't be complaining, very glad it missed!

      I hope not! (:

  3. They'll love you! And if not we love you so it's their loss ;) That won't happen though i;m sure they're very nice and you're very nice so what's the worry haha. I didn't like meeting the in laws..I'll leave it there haha!! xxxx

    1. Aha I'm sure they will! They've got a week to put up with me anyway :P aha best to leave it there for sure! aha!


  4. I like to think that Matthew has a pretty good judge of character, so we were all looking forward to Issy’s stay. Matt’s Dad and Sister had already met her on Skype, but I hadn’t. I wanted to wait till I saw her in person. Coming across this blog after her stay was funny, those thoughts and feelings she had, well, that’s pretty much how I felt too. We know as we go through life that not everyone is going to like us, but those that your child counts as special are up amongst the most important people that you have to make a good impression on. As they were growing up, my greatest wish for Matthew and Tamsin was that they became happy confident Adults. So, it means a lot to me that their respective girl/boyfriend likes their Dad and I… If we are comfortable in each other’s company then it make’s for happy times.

    So, the week came and went and all I can say is how good it was to meet Miss Issy Goode. Issy, you are a treasure, a love. A week was spent having coffee and chat's getting to know you. You are one of life's natural nurturers your gentle encouragement when Matt has a crisis of confidence, being the perfectionist he is and the fact you make him smile gladdens my heart.

    1. This is so lovely to have read! It was absolutely lovely to meet you all and spend a whole week with you, and I really appreciated you having me there for such a long time!

      It means a lot to me that we all got along, as expected it was a worry, but I saw no reason for us not to as soon as I met you all! It was truly lovely delightful week and this comment means so much to me. Thank you so much for a lovely week!

  5. Take care and enjoy the sunshine when you can. xxxx


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