The First Day of University

By Issy Goode - 19:01

Over the past few weeks there's been hundreds of questions asked of us second and third year students, some riddles that were just a bit random and some genuine worries and wonders. It's fair enough that when you're about to pack your life up and move away from home, you have a million questions going through your mind. Many of these questions involve what happens on the first day, so I thought I'd give you a bit of a run down.

Before you actually move in to your new fancy boudoir - you'll be lucky - you need to officially enrol at your university. Everything will be sign posted in full view and there will be students to point you in the right direction if you're lost. Have in hand any letters from student finance, UCAS and your university. Expect queues. Usually at this point you also need to get your student finance form signed, pick up your student card and quite importantly, your room keys. Once you've done this, head to the SU to pick up your freshers pass/tickets if you've bought them!

Making a room into a house
For the time being, your room is home. It's the one room in your building that is all yours (unless you're sharing, so come to a compromise about decorations and such). The most important thing when living on or off campus is to make sure it feels like your home rather than a building. 
Hawthorns M26, how I'll miss this little room.
It's best to unpack straight away (my sister was lovely enough to unpack my room!). It means that you won't be tripping over boxes and searching for things you need when you're all hungover. Whilst unpacking, don't forget to shove a door wedge straight under your new front door, it's inviting and people are quite likely to pop in and say hello.

Not only are you moving into your room, but in the case of a shared kitchen, you also need to claim a cupboard and fridge space. Empty all your crockery and cutlery into a draw and cupboard, but be considerate if you're sharing with a lot of people. A shelf should be enough for one - then if you want to make it known that you've moved in, put a sticker on the cupboard with your name on it. The fridge space is hard to claim without any food so you might need to go shopping!

Take advantage of the fact your parents are still around and use them and their car (even their money if they fancy buying your food shopping!). Many people go out for a big lunch before their parents head off, so you won't necessarily need food for the evening, but it's best to get it out the way. For help on what to buy, click here.

Goodbye parents
You're free! Whether the goodbye was emotional or not, the best thing to do now you're all moved in is mingle. Prior to uni it's advisable but not essential to meet people that you'll be living with over Facebook, Twitter or The Student Room. If there's barely anyone around, grab the nearest person and ask to go for a wonder around campus - a good time to pick up your freshers pass if you haven't already. No doubt by the time you get back everyone will be moved in and gathered into a group ready for a drink.

If you're feeling generous, bust out the booze because sharing is caring. It's a good idea to stock up before you arrive at uni and successfully save it, trust me, your liver needs time to prepare for the week ahead.

Finally, be ready for a week of repetitive questions, something like: Who are you? Where are you from? What're you studying or what modules are you doing? Where do you live? Ooh, which block?! It may get boring, but this simple small talk can help you find a good friend or two. 

Whilst I may have graduated from Keele now, I'll still be showing my face for a brief time at freshers week! Feel free to come over and say hello, and enjoy!

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  1. Great of you to share your advice and experience with first years.

    1. Thank you! It's not everyone's experience but it's a little insight :)


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